Tension Sheets!

July 28, 2003

Virtual Bubblewrap – Pop Now! Pop bubble wrap online

This just reminds me of Rimmer on Red Dwarf and his ‘tension sheet’ invention. Well, that and Lister stealing his invention… go Lister!


Doctors question Atkins Diet

It would be nice to lose some weight and all of the benefits associated with being thinner, but I’ve watched my friends go through kidney stones. No way. Not if I can help it.

Some people may enjoy the hospital experience, but doping up on morphine or equivalent is not my way of having a good time. I’ve seen the stones they have passed; if I can avoid that, I will. <shudder>

CBC News: Rubber duckies tracked on ocean currents

This story tells the tale of 29,000 toys that were washed overboard in the Pacific and are now washing up on the shores of New England. Who cares about the toys; I want one of the posters!

Welcome to The Palm

I’m telling you, if I ever become independently wealthy, I plan on taking the family and traveling around – and this is one place I’d go. Not necessarily for great culture, but just for the coolnest factor.

BOFH at The Register

I remember the first time I read BOFH (Bastard Operator From Hell) almost a decade ago. Mean. Ruthless. Sarcastic.

I laughed so hard I hurt.

Over the last few days I’ve caught up with an episode or three each night.

Enjoy them… I do.

Custom Photo Albums

July 16, 2003

Custom photo albums at Publisher.com

After I posted about the on-demand book printing at Cafe Press, I remembered that TechTV had a segment a while back on publishing a custom photo album. A couple of minutes later I had found it: MyPublisher.com

The service here is that for about 35$US (after shipping) they will create a 10 page bound photo album with up to 40 photographs. Chip in another 5$US if you want a laminated cover and 10$US for a leather bound version. Not bad for a birthday, anniversary or even a wedding gift.

Publish books for free

July 16, 2003

Publish books for Free at Cafe Press

I always thought of the Cafe Press line of merchandise as a bit on the pricey side. With that in mind, I approached their new service – on-demand single print books.

I think the idea is great; but how can it be profitable? Well, it must be to them! For 4-7$US and .03-.045$US per page, this isn’t less expensive than buying a paperback at Barnes and Noble. However, as a vanity project or gift project it may just work out.

My ideas for this so far: family histories, recipe books, instruction manuals, comics – even short run novels for proof reading.

Then it really hit me. One of my complaints about paper backed books is that I destroy the bindings on one or two readings. Not intentionally, but crammed into a airplane seat or stuck in a doctor’s office means you have to hold on as best you can. That is why I usually buy hard backed books – they stand up to wear much better. I’ve read ‘Earth’ by David Brin about 10 times and the binding is still in great condition.

So why not a ‘paperback’ with a Wire-O binding? I could fold it over and not ruin it; easier to read with one hand; easier to read while eating, since it would lay down flat. (Yes, I read while eating. Hell, I’d read during almost anything if I could – I like to read)

What uses can you all think of for a on-demand book printing service?

pdf 995: create PDF documents easily for free

This is wonderful – no more shelling out 200-400 $US to create PDF documents. I’ll bet that Adobe doesn’t like it, but I sure do. The free version displays a sponsor page when you run it, but for 10$US you can make the sponsor pages stop.

Making Your Own Digital Topo Maps These Days

If you are into maps or hiking, Kevin Kelly has a very detailed comparison of the different options available for making your own maps, printing and downloading to a PDA or GPS.

Tron anyone?

July 15, 2003

2003 Dodge Tomahawk motorcycle concept

This is TOO COOL! I just want to ride one for a few days… Imagine – Bill, Doug, Mike and I out for a road trip, cruising up the canyons, sprinting across the desert, weaving in and out of traffic on one of these bikes.

Ach, maybe, someday.