One Giant Leap…

August 28, 2003

“Picture: Ron at the Grand Canyon”

Okay, I’m afraid of heights. I’m happy to admit it.

This photo makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck and my knees go all wobbly.

‘Nuff said.


Schedule Changes…

August 25, 2003

So, today is the first day of the schedule change.

So far, so good.

In case you are wondering, when the missus starts back at her teaching job, I change my schedule to be 1:00 pm to 10:00 pm or later (usually later). This way I get to have personal time with my son instead of putting him in a day care facility. He does go to pre-school this year a couple of days a week, but that totals on three hours or so – good for him, but not day care.

I love this routine – we have a great time in the morning and then I get to work and stay up late. Kills the social life and the missus and I have to work at communicating a bit more, but my son seems to be well adjusted for the most part.

This also resolves one of the only conflicts my wife and I had – who was going to stay home and raise the kids. We both wanted to – now, we get to! – John and Marsha and a man of comedy – Aug. 19, 2003

Stan Freberg is one of those people that I really want to be friends with someday, somehow.

I grew up listening to Stan Freberg and crew narrating to me the history of the fledgling United States of America. To this day, if you start a song from ‘Stan Freberg Presents…’ I can finish it, much to the dismay of my wife.

I also love his send up of Elvis Presley, but that’s a different story. | Lease Is More

When we vacationed in Newport Beach last year, we rented a house for the week instead of hotels (well, Mom rented it. She rocks.)

I’m quite convinced that this is the better way to go, especially if you are going for an extended stay.

Somehow, I’ve got to get to Maui for a couple of weeks…


You just don’t know how much I love this… Movie Studios are complaining that people are telling other people what they think about the movies they see. What’s wrong with that, you ask? Isn’t that what the Studios want to happen, you query?

Well, yes and no. Studios want word of mouth, but not very fast, especially for bad movies. Seems that the latest trend is to see a movie and then instant message all of your friends whether or not you like it. This used to take a few days; now it is taking a few hours and movies like Gigli are hit hard by bad word of mouth.

Go Jump Out Of A Plane!

August 18, 2003

Wired 11.09: Wingman

This .. is .. cool. Strap some delta wings and a parachute on and go do a bit of personal flying. From the article, “…carbon-fiber contraption that lets skydivers shoot above the clouds at 186 mph for two exhilarating minutes. That’s quadruple the air time of the usual free fall and almost twice the speed of the world’s fastest bird, the spine-tailed swift.”

Now all I have to do is get the guts up to go skydiving enough to feel proficient enough to try this.

Probably won’t happen, but it looks like lots of fun.

Schedule Changes

August 15, 2003

So, in about 10 days or so, my schedule will change a bit dramatically. The Missus goes back to school, so I get to be Mr. Mom in the morning until she gets home. It makes for a long day…

However, I love it! I get to have 4 hours or so of quality father and son time. Sometimes we clean house, sometimes we have sword fights in the backyard. I really love this time and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

As an added bonus, the shift change puts me more in sync with our programming group in Hong Kong, China, which will be nice as the grueling development schedule takes hold.

From kids’ TV to great indie pop

Steve Burns of Blues Clues fame has now made his way into the music scene. I’m going to have to buy this just because my son was such a fan for a year or so. After a while, though, I was watching more than he was.

He made the transition from Steve to Joe well, but lost interest after that.

Red Dwarf movie a reality!

August 14, 2003

Red Dwarf heads for big screen

Smegheads! Time to change the bulb! After much waiting, speculating and kvetching, the movie is in production…

Leavitt Leaves for EPA

August 11, 2003 – Bush picks Utah governor to head EPA – Aug. 11, 2003

It looks like Mike Leavitt, Utah’s three term governor, will be leaving to work for President Bush as the director of the EPA. News broke first at Dave Fletcher’s blog and is confirmed at the CNN post above and MSNBC