Spider Robinson on the present, future of science fiction

September 9, 2003

Forward, into the past

I have loved to read everything that Spider Robinson ever wrote (with one exception that I won’t go into here). As I read this article, I realized that not only is he right, that I’ve also changed my reading habits to more Fantasy than Science Fiction. Not because of a lack of interest but a lack of decent authors.

I’m looking at my bookshelves and the science fiction that is there is classic stuff, but not a lot of new stuff. Niven, Weber, Hogan, Herbert, Brin… but the last scifi I bought was Prey, by Michael Crichton – 10 books ago!

Maybe I’ll have to write my own…

[Listening to: Johnny Jump Up/Morrison’s Jig – Gaelic Storm – Special Reserve (05:01)]

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