Transendental Money

October 1, 2003

DaveNet : Transcendental Money

Following a bizarre webpath, I ended up at Dave Winer’s old site (at least I think it is no longer updated). UPDATE: The DaveNet site is still maintained; I just hadn’t browsed far enough.

This article on ‘Transcendental Money’ hits the right buttons inside of me – this topic is something I’ve thought of, off and on, for several years without being able to express it.

However, this statement gives even more pause for thought:

“So money offers a chance, in its absence, to find a happier purpose to life. I believe that no matter how much money you have it can’t bring you that secure “I Will Exist Forever” feeling that our hearts all feel we deserve.”

So what does bring that feeling? For me, it is my son. He is the part of me that will continue on after me, inheriting all I can give him and forging his own way through life.

What do you think?


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