Shaye debuts ‘The Bridge’ – Hooray!

October 12, 2003

One of my favorite artists, Tara MacLean, has teamed up with two other wonderful voices, Kim Stockwood and Damhnait Doyle, to form Shaye, a supergroup of sorts. Each of the members have had moderately successful solo careers but I think together they are going to be fabulous!

I watched the video to the first single, Happy Baby, and enjoyed it. Song is great, they sound great together and if the material on this debut is great then I’ve got a new favorite.

However, the marketing on this group SUCKS. The CD hits stores on the 28th of October and no one KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT IT. I stopped at two large records stores today – nothing, no going to be out soon, nada. I did a Google search and had trouble finding more than five mentions. I tried to order from the EMI store, but alas, no preorders so I’ll be buying it from an independent that will preorder. Wake up, EMI, your customers are going where they can get CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Okay, I’m starting to get annoyed, so I’m going to leave off. Buy the CD, support great music.


17 Responses to “Shaye debuts ‘The Bridge’ – Hooray!”

  1. Just in the middle of redesigning ShopEMI actually and by Christmas the new site (come on… we just launched this baby) will allow pre-orders, wishlists, etc.

    Appreciate the constructive criticism! And you’re right, they are fabulous (and funny!). Currenly putting together their Official Artist Website at

    Jeff Coleman
    Director, New Media
    EMI Music Canada

  2. Thanks for the update, Jeff.

    I didn’t realize you were opening up shop – it was the first time I had dropped by. I was already annoyed by the fact that no one had any information at any stateside place that I usually shop.

    I’ll probably order from the EMI site, but I did notice that the CD has a ‘copy controlled’ logo. What does that mean? I convert every CD I own to MP3 and store it on my household server, but I don’t file share, I don’t sell my used CDs – I do it so that I can mix and listen as well as archive in case I damage the disc (I travel a great deal and I’ve damaged lots of CDs).

    Does this mean there is some idiotic (in my opinion) copy protection scheme that I’ll have to defeat to make my MP3s? Or, are you going to make the MP3s available for download with the purchase of the CD?

  3. Oh, one other comment- I loved being able to watch the video online. Any possibility of making the videos available for download so that when they are no longer the hot-item-of-the-moment I can still watch it?

  4. Michel Bourgeois said

    Just bought the cd yesterday, just a beautiful recording….By the strenght of it, I’m going to purchase concert tickets for their show here in Moncton on November 14th at the Capitol. It should be a great show

  5. angeline said

    Stumbled across you while looking for more info on Shaye; the CD isn’t out in the US yet, but I covet it. I got to listen to “Happy Baby” and I can’t…stop…listening! I don’t want to! It’s too great.

  6. Michel, I’m envious that you get to see a show!

    Angeline, my understanding is that the US release was on November 4th, but I can’t find anyone who knows about it.

    You can order it from EMI in the original post or I ordered mine from PlayCentric at and if you get there from Google, you can use a 4$US coupon.

  7. Tara and Dav said

    Thanks for your interest in our Music-we are so excited about the whole world hearing our album. We put our heart and soul into this record and hope the word spreads fast. We really hope to have a U.S. release in the new year. We are currently on tour and are having a blast. Little Sophia and Jack are also on the road with us!!! Please keep up the support and we will keep up the music! Can’t wait to come back to the States!!!!! Much love to everyone who is out there anticipating this music reaching them! It is really worth a listen! Love SHAYE

  8. Michel Bourgeois said

    To those who have not yet purchased “The Bridge”, please give it a chance. It’s my favorite recording released this year. I hope EMI keeps promoting this beautiful album.

  9. Joe DiPasquale said

    I though bubble gum music was dead and gone, but guess what I heard some of Shaye’s music today, I guess I was wrong it’s back in 2003.
    As for their CD, I give it a 2/10, a major flop, I can’t imagine Canadians falling for this crap.

    Joe DiPasquale

  10. Tracey said

    Hi there, while visiting home ( NL ) last week I went to see you in concert at the Arts and Culture Center. I was blown away with how beautiful your voices blended together.You ladies have what it takes to be famous. Personalitiy, sex appeal and talent that is unmeasured. I think that your version of Godspeed was upliting and out of this world.I was very proud of the three of you that night and wish you all the success that you deserve. I plan to boast about your cd and hopefully encourage lots of people to buy it.See you in Sherwood Park Alberta in 2004.Tracey W.

  11. Brad said

    The new album is brilliant and kudos to EMI Canada for streaming the entire disc as well as having the video available as well. Ordered the Canadian import and cannot wait for the US release as well – bring this show to the US please!

  12. L. Walsh said

    Just purchased the new cd by ” Shaye”. I personally think its great, a fabulous job by these three young gals, especially the tune Godspeed. Good luck ladies.

    L. Walsh

  13. Gordon Brooks said

    to Joe from montreal who doesn’t like shaye:
    The world is ful of things we don’t like, we could waste our lives bemoaning them. which is why our parents told us: If you can’t say somthing nice,Shut yer pie hole!
    I’m not fond of jazz or metal but that doesn’t mean I waste anytime bitching about them. try something constructive if you want to offer a critique.
    How about: “ladies could you stop sounding so damn good, your distracting me from writing this rant!”

    Keep up the excellent work ladies! (have some pie Joe.)

    Gord Brooks

  14. Karen said

    Hi there,

    My roomate and I just bought the Shaye cd- for Christmas…I tried to find an offical website but could not..does anyone know what it is?



  15. You should be able to go to

    To get more information. Not much more, but something at least.

  16. Christian Gallant said

    Hey guys,

    SHAYE ROCKS and their CD rocks as well! I was at the very first show of their tour that they did in Stepehnville Newfoundland on October 31th 2003. I love it! Got the chance to meet and talk with the girls afterwards and they’re wicked and down to earth! Oh yeah and girls if you’re reading this….Yes I’m the one that Kim got to sing for you guys…For those of you who were not there I sang “If You Could” one of Tara’s first songs….. Take care, hopefully we’ll see you in St. John’s at the ECMA’s….

    Luv yah guys!

  17. antje duvekot said


    dont know if the girls from shaye will get this, but i just got the cd from seamus (co-author of beauty) and not only is beauty stunning, the whole record from start to finish is addictively good. i truly truly enjoy it. best of luck you guys. and thanks for making our song sooo lovely.

    antje duvekot

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