Da da da da Life Goes On…

January 8, 2004

My son rode the school bus yesterday for the first time. By himself.

Now, I know that many millions of kids ride the bus every day. It shouldn’t be a big deal.

But, it is. He is only three and I could tell that he was a little nervous – but he said goodbye and climbed up. The driver made sure he was in his seat and I waved as they drove away, all choked up.

He was fine, had the time of his life. Me, I’m going to try to make this one more milestone on the path of his life. Still…

[Update Thursday, January 22, 2004]
Now he’s an old pro at riding the bus. Gets on, gets off all by himself and today he even did the seatbelt by himself.

Last Thursday, however, when he got home he was covered in blood. Seems he was looking out the window on the way home with his face pressed up against the glass when the driver hit a pothole. His nose bonked the glass and gave him a bleeder. No real damage, just scared him a bit.


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