Real Journalism?

January 27, 2004

I missed Dennis Miller’s inaugural show and the DishPVR didn’t record it for some reason. Quite annoyed.

However, I did get the second show, Tuesday, January 27th. Off the top, I noticed something that surprised me… journalism.

Don’t get me wrong; I think that there are fine journalists in the world. However, they are outnumbered by the future-anchor-wannabes that go out, ask a couple of questions and then ‘report live’ from the scene as if that gives them credibility.

Less than a minute into the show and Dennis’s first guest/reporter/whatever is live from New Hampshire and she can’t hear Dennis’s question in her ear. In almost every other time that I’ve seen this happen in live news the anchor/host/whatever cuts to a commercial, goes to a different story, anything to avoid a moment’s dead air. I can understand that from an entertainment perspective but news isn’t about entertaining it is about informing.

Much to my delight and my surprise, the guest/reporter/whatever Gloria Borger decides that although she can’t hear what Dennis is asking her, she’s going to report what she knows anyway. In other words, this isn’t inside edition or entertainment tonight, this is news.

I loved it. Now, I’m going to watch the rest of the show. Hope it’s good…


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