Yahoo to Trillian: Talk to the hand ¦ CNET

June 24, 2004

Yahoo to Trillian: Talk to the hand | CNET

Sad news, but not really for Trillian. I’ll stop using Yahoo! before I stop using Trillian; the convenience factor of having my IM under one application that takes up less resources and focuses on the user’s experience and not another avenue to advertising will always win with me.

I’ve kept my Yahoo! account around for a very long time. I’ve had it for so long that I don’t have a weird Yahoo! name, such as ferret182, just a simple username. It’s been nice, but now it must be retired until either Yahoo! wises up or it provides some necessary service… however, it doesn’t do anything necessary and Google does the searching better. Oh, and the email. All Google needs is to push an open, stable IM platform with unobtrusive advertising and it would be just another nail in Yahoo!’s coffin.

You listening Google?

UPDATE: Trillian released a patch that gets Yahoo! working again. Still, were I you I’d get an alternate and let your buddy list know what it is. Yahoo! will most likely try the end run like the bullies that they are…


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