AudioScrobbler fun…

September 16, 2004

I’ve been playing around a bit with AudioScrobbler for the last couple of days. While their servers are having problems, it is still an intriguing concept: You play music on your computer and your music player uploads what you are playing to a central server. After you play enough, the server matches your playlist up with others and points out what you might like. There is even a radio-like service to stream songs that you might like and every song you skip or bad updates your profile.

Like I said, a nice concept – it doesn’t work yet due to server problems but it will be fun to see if it does.

On other feature is that the site provides a RSS feed of the last ten songs that you played. Well, someone in the WordPress community wrote a plug-in (which I customized a bit) to display that list on your site. Cool…

Oh, it also requires a plug-in for your media player. I use QCD which is a great player. However, the plug-in is… well, buggy. Very buggy. It does work, usually, but if you are using a different media player there is probably a plug-in for that out there. I may have to write my own plug-in if this keeps behaving badly since the developer got it kind of working and then dropped it. Twit.

Okay, that might not be very fair. However, the developer has no working method to receive feedback on his product and he doesn’t respond to questions in the forums. In the absence of information I’ll use my imagination. Probably something involving ducks and bears…


One Response to “AudioScrobbler fun…”

  1. Przemek said

    Yeah. Audioscrobbler got some problems (servers? network?) and the plugin timeouts the page….
    I believe there should be some timeout set ? 🙂 Im using foobar, which audioscrobbler plugin is ok.

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