Thar She Blows! Mt. St. Helens lets off a bit of steam

October 1, 2004

Mt. St. Helens erupted for the first time since May, 1980, letting off a burst of steam and ash.  This is the first eruption since this volcano blew the top of the mountain off and killed nearly 60 people.

I remember quite vividly the fine ash and red sky and sunsets; I was 14 years old and it was neat.  I didn’t have a clue as to the real cost in devastation and human life though; this time around I’m far more sensitive to friends that live in the area and the suffering this could cause if it indeed spouts like it did the first time.

Earlier this week someone’s blog alerted me to the increased activity at the volcano and I’ve been watching with interest as it continued. 

Here are some links (some are still suffering from slashdot effect) for more information: – KING 5 News – KOMO TV News – Seattle Times Newspaper – USGS Mt. St. Helen’s activity summaries – Current Vulcanism – Mt. St. Helen’s Web Cam


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