Last Chance To See – Book Review

January 11, 2005

A wonderful account of the travels of Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine as they careen around the world looking at some of the animals on the brink of extinction. From lemurs in Madegascar to gorillas and rhinoceros in Africa to the kakapoa in New Zealand and even a dolphin on the Yangtze river they travel and photograph these amazing and often tragic creatures.

Even more wonderful than the travelogue is the wit and writing of Douglas Adams. Funny, insightful and at times poignant, it was a true joy to read. I read aloud several passages just to get the feel of the words; I don’t know if that is how Mr. Adams wrote his book (I suspect it wasn’t) but this reads so well out loud it seems intentional.

There are so many wonderful stories in here that it is impossible to pick one out over another. The pursuit of a prophilactic in China is quite humorous as well as descriptive of the cultural differences. The Latvians (heh) on the way to see the Gorillas, the poisonous venom specialist, the kakapoa tracker all are wonderful characters painted on Mr. Adams paper canvas.

If you can find this book, buy it, borrow it, do whatever you have to but read it.

You won’t be sorry.


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