Need a Building? Just Add Water

March 17, 2005

Need a Building? Just Add Water

Julian May used a different technology to do a similar thing in the Saga of Pliocene Exile series of novels (The Many Colored Land, The Golden Torc, The Non-Born King, The Adversary). Her ‘invention’ was decamole, a plastic-like substance that was super strong, light weight, heat resistant and could be inflated quickly.

This could be a real boon for emergency use, but I wonder at the long term usage – how hard is it to break it down? It isn’t reusable, so unless it is used as semi-permanent shelter it isn’t that environmentally friendly.

Imagine a future archeologist stumbling across one in a dig: “These enormous tortoises must have been an evolutionary dead end – too slow to get away they were massacred in droves!”


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