First off, let me explain something. I love Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy (hereafter referred to as HHGTTG because I’m lazy). I love the original radio play. I love the books. I enjoyed the TV show once (haven’t watched the whole thing complete because of the Dr. Who style effects).

I say this to point out that I’m a big time fan – not a disinterested movie reviewer like your run-of-the-mill newspaper reviewer. I’m sure there are some reviewers that go into a movie expecting to not like the movie. I’m not one of them.

So, to get it out of the way – this movie rocks. It is WONDERFUL. Outstanding in its field. To be ursurped by only Revenge of the Sith – maybe. Well, probably.

First off, there was a set of previews which was a bit unusual for a preview showing. One of the previews starts off with Wonderful World just like this preview and it takes full on 30 seconds for me to realize that it isn’t a preview for HHGTTG but a preview for ‘Chicken Little’! They had intentionally parodied the first trailer for HHGTTG and it worked great. That was fun – I laughed out loud and long at that.

Oh, this is the first time I’ve seen the new THX opening with audio blurbs from movies over the last twenty or more years. A snippet from the pod races in The Phantom Menace was very recognizable. It will be interesting to see if the DVD has this or the standard breaking glass opening that makes my son cover his ears.

*** WARNING! ***

From this point on, there will probably be plot spoilers! Read but don’t complain that I gave something away.

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BBC NEWS – Car lands in home’s upper floor

Almost like a video game where a car cartoonishly goes flying…

Make sure you follow the link on the top image to see the slideshow of the path of destruction. I still don’t see how it crashed into the top floor instead of the ground floor… unless it was moving sooooo fast that it used the tree or something else as a ramp.

Home Despot

April 27, 2005

Bumper Sticker I’d Like To See:

Home Despot – Toy Store for The Little Dictator In All Of Us

Imagine a place where you don’t stand out because you are a geek. Seriously, think about it. The people around you like the same movies you do, listen to the same radio programs, read the same books. Some may like this one more than you do and you may like that book more than they do but you all understand each other.

I got to live it for a couple of hours tonight and it was interesting. I wouldn’t want to live that way, but it was fun to experience.

I had the great opportunity, thanks to my friend Ethan, to go see “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy” this evening – it doesn’t open to the general public until Friday. I’ll post about the movie in my next post, but I wanted to comment on the theater outing first.

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Nerd Quiz

April 26, 2005 Fun Tests – Nerd Quiz

Okay, I took the above quiz. I’m somewhat confused about whether to be embarrassed by my score or proud of it.

I got 99%.

The sad thing is that I answered honestly. Oh well. I am proud to be a geek, not a nerd. Splitting hairs, I know, but I’ll take what I can get at this point.


RFID passports

April 19, 2005

The Practical Nomad blog: RFID passports at CFP

The 15th Annual Conference on Computers, Freedom and Privacy had an appearance by Frank Moss, deputy assistant secretary at the Department of State for the United States. Why is this a big deal? Well, if you travel outside of the United States, you need a passport (yes, soon even to Canada and Mexico). Mr. Moss heads the effort to put RFID into the US passports.

That’s right – a means of reading ALL of your personal information contained in the passport without having to actually touch the passport. Without you knowing it, someone has your information to do with what they will.

I don’t travel outside of the US much – haven’t been to Canada or Mexico even in more than a decade – but this scares me. Reading this article makes me seriously consider foregoing any foreign travel. Ever.

Thank you, Mr. Bush and your associates for yet another place where I’m less safe than I was when you took office. I had hoped your administration would do no damage – now I’m hoping to escape your administration with at least a shred of personal liberty and rights.

Edit – BoingBoing.Net finally picked up on this story. Better late than never.

Learning Resources Center

April 14, 2005

Learning Resources Center

The Digital Audio Initiative at the Learning Resources Center makes audio files in Mp3 format available for personal study and research.

How cool is this? A variety of classes, mostly about English and writing, available for personal study in mp3 format. Download, listen, take it on your personal music player and learn something.

I’ve downloaded the Science Fiction and Fantasy as well as the Short Story Fiction classes for now. Check it out.

Wearing That Cross Must Have Been Uncomfortable

“What’s was he saying? ‘Braaaaaaaaaains! Braaaaaaaaaains! But no condoooooooooms!'”

This is probably in very bad taste, but I found this exchange between the author and his wife just hilarious.  I mean laugh out loud funny.

A Response to the Noise

April 2, 2005

A Response to the Noise – Matt Responds

Recently it came to light that the WordPress site was experimenting with advertising, in a somewhat dubious way.

Lots of people had lots to say, almost all of it uninformed blather. Matt, the person hosting the site, was on vacation out of the country so he didn’t have a chance to present his side of events. He’s back now and answering questions at the link above.

Great job Matt. This site is powered by WordPress and I’ve been impressed by the functionality and the improvements over time. I used to run MovableType but having to deal with Perl at the hosting company was almost a full time job in itself.