Miranda Instant Messenger

May 5, 2005

Miranda Instant Messenger

So I just waxed rhapsodic about Easy Message…

… and then found Miranda IM.

Much more configurable, doesn’t open up the product webpage every time it starts, still small and very very fast. It does even more than EM but no crashes or weird keystrokes yet discovered (To put in a carriage return in EM you had to SHIFT-RETURN instead of CONTROL-RETURN as it is… every where else.)

So, follow the link and tell me what you think. So far, this is my Trillian replacement. Don’t get me wrong, I love Trillian; I pay to support it but it is too much of a resource hog, it is too slow and I don’t need the headache. I don’t want to have to remember to shut it down before I start compiling or debugging. My laptop works fine if I keep it trim and Trillian helped reduce from Yahoo!, MSN, ICQ and AOL instant messenger clients to one.

Now I’ve got the better single client. You should too.


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