Sudoku – slightly addicting.

August 25, 2005

Web Sudoku is a logic game (follow the link for the rules) that I started playing while waiting for my mum to get out of surgery yesterday. I have now played a total of six an unknown number of games…

sudoku best 2005-08-25
(updated at 2:30 A.M. 3:15 A.M. since I switched to Medium Hard Evil level and have a new personal best)

Now that I’ve got the hang of the rules, it is getting easier. Kind of like Minesweeper where you set up rules and do what you can, then re-evaluate the ones that you couldn’t do before. My best times on Minesweeper were around 150 seconds on the expert level…

On a side note, do you know how cool it is that St. Mark’s Hospital has free wireless internet throughout the hospital? Not only could I distract myself while waiting (after reading the National Geographic) but today mom can read and write email and surf to take up time while recuperating.

Now, to be perfect, they need more power outlets…

Update: I just set a new personal best on the Evil level. 6 minutes 33 seconds. Sweet!

Update 10/16/2005: I just beat my previous best time! 4 minutes 29 seconds. I think it is time to do something else for a bit.


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