How the MPAA killed the movie theater experience

November 8, 2005

How the MPAA killed the movie theater experience: a first-hand report [Politech]

James Reid details his experience at a Toronto theater at the hands of the MPAA:

To add further insult to the debacle at the
gate, near the exits at stage right and left
were two uniformed security guards at each door,
all four with video cameras scanning the crowd
and making themselves very conspicuous.

This was not just a bit of pre-show MPAA theatre,
they stood there for the entirity of the movie, red
LED’s glowing, scanning the crowd to remind
us that we were under close surviellence and our
actions were being recorded.

If you have sat in a chair in a dark room watching
disturbing scenes unfold in front of you, while four
uniformed people with video cameras stand in front
of your, silently recording your reactions, you might
be reminded of scenarios from a Clockwork Orange,
Brazil, 1984, Videodrome, and strangely,
that 90’s relic: SFW.

I already have curbed my attendance at the local megaplex due to the high ticket prices. Three people at 7.00$US costs more than a 19.00$US DVD at Costco and that doesn’t even include the popcorn and soda.

One, JUST ONE, experience like the one above will effectively halt my attendance at that theater. I have a decent sound system at home and while playing my DVD at home isn’t the same, I will not support any organization that treats me like a criminal for visiting their place of business.


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