Justin’s Guide on Sony’s Rootkits

November 8, 2005

Justin’s Guide on Sony’s Rootkits

Justin over at Justin’s Guide says it better than I could:

the story is that Sony actually put a rootkit on one of their CDs that installs itself when you try to play one of their music CDs on your computer (or rather, you are forced to install it before you can listen to your CD). So you may be wondering why this is bad. It’s bad because a rootkit is generally a tool used by hackers that are trying to conceal themselves while breaking into your computer. A rootkit is theoretically a trojan. It is used to conceal files, and there really is no way of seeing them other than by downloading some special software. Once a rootkit is on your system like this one, they could theoretically do just about whatever they wanted, and you would never know about it.

I have one CD I will buy that is a Sony CD. I’m not missing buying the new Kate Bush CD, Aerial, just because Sony is run by idiots. After that, none, no hardware, nothing until they rescind this decision to infect their customers computers.

Fortunately, I made the choice of an XBox over a Playstation years ago which makes it easier.

Update: You can review a list of bad CDs here and here, thanks to Cory Doctorow at BoingBoing.net


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