The Great Rose Bowl Hoax

December 6, 2005

Someone at work pointed me to The Great Rose Bowl Hoax yesterday – why didn’t I find this when I was in college? (Answer: Because the internet was still in the amoeba stage)

I mean, I’ve done my share of pranking, but not entire institutions… well, not yet anyway.


2 Responses to “The Great Rose Bowl Hoax”

  1. Leah said

    pure freakin’ genius. that’s beautiful.

    speaking of genius, have you seen Real Genius? Supposedly, that’s Caltech in the movie. Lots of good pranks there too, and one of my profs (who used to be married to a Caltech man) swears that many of those pranks actually took place.

  2. I love Real Genius! That one, My Science Project and Weird Science were some of my favorite movies, once upon a time. I still have Real Genius and My Science Project on VHS tape, somewhere… Val Kilmer was a hoot in RG; the girl who couldn’t sleep made me laugh every time she was on the screen.

    I guess I’ll have to visit CalTech just to find out!

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