January 17, 2006

So here I am, lying flat on my back.

Apparently, falling off of a ladder, moving a trailer loaded with wood scraps and carrying the missus’ scrapbooking supplies to the car did something to my lower back. One visit to the doctor’s later, I’ve been advised to stay down until tomorrow.

Which sucks.

Were I sick, I could at least sit up and watch TV or type on the computer. Instead, I’m typing this with an ice pack under my back and the laptop perched precariously on my chest. Fortunately, I learned to touch type a couple of decades ago in high school, so I’m not hunting and pecking at this difficult angle.

I have had the opportunity to listen to a couple of decent movies though. AMC had ‘Excalibur’ on and I had ‘Return of the Pink Panther’ on the DishPVR. Add to that ‘The Thin Blue Line’ on BBCA and ‘The Fairly Oddparents’ on Nick (once the boy got home from school) and the day hasn’t been all bad.

Still, I’d rather be mobile.


Heads up…

January 12, 2006

Just a notice that in the coming weeks I will be redesigning the site quite a bit and there is a very good chance that stuff will get moved around.

Don’t say I didn’t tell you…

Searching for sound

January 5, 2006

Wired 13.11: My Bionic Quest for Bolero

I was rather touched by this man’s quest to hear his favorite music again after losing his hearing. Just amazing. I had to chuckle at this bit:

“…a friend tells me it’s not the software – Kraftwerk is just dull. It makes me think that for the first time in my life I might be developing a taste in music.”

Glad to know I’m not the only one that doesn’t care for Kraftwerk.

Quote of the Day…

January 4, 2006

“You know what they say. Lies are just friends you haven’t met yet.”

Sheen Juarerra Estevez (Jeffrey Garcia), ‘Beach Party Mummy’, The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron


January 4, 2006


I was messing around for a minute or two whilst eating lunch… using the above, here is the strip I made.

Not That Funny Comic

Click on the image for a larger version.

Rather fun….

The Survival Blog of New Orleans

Sigmund Solares, Chief Executive Officer of Intercosmos Media Group, stayed in New Orleans throughout the hurricane and much of the aftermath and wrote about it on the above web log. Quite fascinating stuff.

Low Fat Living

January 4, 2006

Low Fat Living

Don’t get the wrong impression – I don’t do this. Not even close. I should though, with some minor modifications.

I have to keep my carbohydrates low for health reasons so the fruit bits are difficult to work in, but I really like the idea of eliminating the food from your house that you don’t want to consume.

There really is only one big problem with that plan – I’m not the only one that lives in this house. The missus, the boy and the nephew all have different ideas on what they want to eat and none of it is low carb, low fat. Well, the missus thinks its a good idea, but doing it is another story. Yes, I could overrule and dictate but that is rarely a good idea.

So, for those of you out there, any suggestions on eating right when you have a house full of people with other priorities? I really don’t want to always cook my own meals; it kind of sucks. I’ve already had to give up pancakes (*sob*) and chips (well, not completely but cut waaaaaay down).