Low Fat Living

January 4, 2006

Low Fat Living

Don’t get the wrong impression – I don’t do this. Not even close. I should though, with some minor modifications.

I have to keep my carbohydrates low for health reasons so the fruit bits are difficult to work in, but I really like the idea of eliminating the food from your house that you don’t want to consume.

There really is only one big problem with that plan – I’m not the only one that lives in this house. The missus, the boy and the nephew all have different ideas on what they want to eat and none of it is low carb, low fat. Well, the missus thinks its a good idea, but doing it is another story. Yes, I could overrule and dictate but that is rarely a good idea.

So, for those of you out there, any suggestions on eating right when you have a house full of people with other priorities? I really don’t want to always cook my own meals; it kind of sucks. I’ve already had to give up pancakes (*sob*) and chips (well, not completely but cut waaaaaay down).


One Response to “Low Fat Living”

  1. Leah said

    It’s really hard. I’ve had to adapt how I eat now that I’m home with my parents. Usually, in my own place, I eat PBJ every day for lunch (lots of bread thru that, but I get whole wheat) and at least one apple (or similar fruit) per day. Dinners were always homemade and fairly simple. I ate a fair amt of pasta in the form of egg noodles. I know I should be watching my carbs, but it’s nice to have a quick, easy dinner.

    The biggest hard part about sharing with other ppl is coordinating the cooking. I never know what my mom will or won’t eat (surprise of today — she won’t eat tofu. I’ll have to make tofu stirfry for lunch next week, since I already bought tofu).

    Also, my parents try to eat really low carb. I attempted that when I first moved back, and I got irritable and bitchy from being deprived of bread. I’m okay with low-carb, but I need some every day. I like to be active, and carbs are an important part of activity. I’ve learned that I buy my own bread and keep it in the pantry (out of sight for parents, but I know it’s there).

    I guess I don’t have any real suggestions other than watch the snacking and try to make a variety of stuff available when dinner is cooked so ppl have choices. Increase the veggie content, which is fairly benign and adds bulk to any meal (plus, you can eat more veggies while others eat more carbs or meat).

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