Minor Pet Peeve…

February 18, 2006

So, this may surprise you, but I have a minor pet peeve. It is childish, silly and it annoys me immensely.

A little background first, though. I am a news junkie. I listen to CNN as background even though I find the quality of reporting to be mediocre at best. My real source for news and information though is following RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds. A RSS feed is an XML document that contains changes or updates to a website or other content. It is a simple way to get information out as it changes.

So, I use Bloglines to track about 120 different web sites – it is a great way to read headlines and summaries of sites when they change and then only drill in to the site when I am interested in that topic. Normally, it works great. I went through about an even dozen different RSS readers before settling on Bloglines – both client apps and online ones. The only downside to Bloglines is that you have to be online to get it, but I’m almost always online so that isn’t a problem.

Now on to the peeve.

When people post, Bloglines shows the new entry as, well, a new entry. However, when someone updates a post, it shows up as a new entry as well, which makes sense since there is something new about the post.

Problem is, I don’t know what has changed.

Some authors, or groups of authors, make it obvious by adding a line detailing the update and if there is just more info or whether or not the original post content changed. BoingBoing.net is usually really good at this; they update and add a line and every update adds another line detailing it. If something changes on the original post, they strike it out so that you can see what changed.

Other authors, well, they don’t do that. One of my favorite authors, Matt at Defective Yeti, has this infuriating habit of editing and tweaking a post without any indication of what has changed. (No offense Matt) So, I have several paragraphs to skim through to see if the post I already read has changed in any significant way.

So, I’m petty.


5 Responses to “Minor Pet Peeve…”

  1. Leah said

    at least for my part, my “updates” are often just the fixing of a typo (I need to get better about checking *before* I post). If it’s a real update, I usually make note of it at the bottom by saying “edited to add”

  2. Yeah, I do that to sometimes. After I post, I check the site to make sure it posted correctly and I re-read it AGAIN because, well, I don’t trust myself.

    My pet peeve really is petty though. I’m only slightly inconvenienced yet I blow it out of proportion every time it happens.

    I hope you end up with Pittsburgh though – sounds like you really enjoyed it!

  3. bill said

    You’re just now realizing you’re petty? You could have asked a long time ago.
    For an expanded list of your most annoying characteristics, as well as a few endearing qualities, contact me at your leisure.

  4. Amy said

    Eek! I’m glad my blog doesn’t have an RSS feed because I am AWFUL about editing after the fact. I’ve been meaning to figure out how to incorporate one, but I suppose that means I’ll have to be more RSS friendly and start annotating my edits, eh?

  5. Oh, but I wish your blog did have an RSS feed, Amy! I’m going to try to keep checking it, but I’m notorious for failing to do so. With a RSS feed, it shows up every time you update and makes it easy to keep track of.

    I used to remember how to do that with MovableType, but I’ve forgotten. 😦

    Thanks for stopping by!

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