March 8, 2006

So last night I had a very, very vivid dream.

Amazingly, I still remember it.

Here is what I remember… I was driving, I don’t know what freeway but it wasn’t local since it was low rolling hills, kind of like the area outside Fort Worth, Texas. I’m changing freeways and I’m below the horizon a bit when I notice a black column of smoke pouring into the sky. It is huge and very recent since it hasn’t had time to start to break up at all. As I take the offramp and climb up the little hill the scene is … well, unreal (this is a dream, remember).

I still can’t see what is at the base of the column of smoke. However, there is a crashed passenger airliner in the middle of the freeway about a quarter of a mile ahead of me on the right. There is a passenger airliner in the air careening out of control as if the pilot was attempting to regain control of the craft. Cars are sliding all over the road as this unfolds in the sky above. I can see every detail in a hyper-realistic way and I slam on the brakes and slide to a stop.

I jump out of the car and with a few other people we pull the back off of the plane (dream, remember?) and pull the people out, unharmed. Then we start unloading the luggage. I remember there was a football with a cut in it that was ruined and I was trying to find out who it belonged to so I could give it back.

What does it all mean?

Don’t eat chips and dip before falling asleep at my desk.


2 Responses to “Dreaming…”

  1. bill said

    I thought your car had anitlock brakes. This doesn’t make sense. I could see the rest, though.

  2. ’twas a wild dream, regardless.

    I like the ABS on that van though – very handy. Especially since it is going to snow in the morning….

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