I Like to Giggle

March 13, 2006

I took the paper for many years for the SOLE reason of reading the comics – I even picked the local paper with the best selection rather than the best at news or some other arbitrary reason. About five years ago, I stopped my subscription to the paper – I wasn’t reading it except for the comics and the comics were (and continue to be) squeezed for space. Instead, I started reading the comics online.

As it is now, I have about 100 or so web comics that I check regularly (see the sidebar for some favorites) as well as an annual subscription to comics.com. Many of those that I get with my subscription I can get otherwise by visiting every day via bookmarks or RSS, but that doesn’t trickle anything back to the comic creator. I also buy the anthologies to support strips I really like – so far I’m up to two bookshelves full and need to add another.

Comics make me laugh and often tell a great story – I’ve got all of the Sluggies up until the time they stopped being funny (no offense Pete!). There are strips that I’ve followed since they started (Dilbert, Doonesbury, FoxTrot, Sherman’s Lagoon) and some that don’t ever publish anthologies. One of my favorites is the only Mr. Boffo anthology I’ve ever seen… I still take it down and giggle every once in a while. Bloom County? Same thing.

Almost every day I realize that the old distribution model of printing something on paper and then having someone carry it to everyone’s home just isn’t going to be economically or socially sustainable. Stuff I really like I get in paper form, but that really is only novels and comics. Everything else is electronic.

Time to go read the comics…


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