Blog tag…

April 21, 2006

So Mary tagged me this morning and since I am a sheep (at least where Mary is concerned) I’m going to play along. Here are the rules: “by the rules of the game, I have to tell you six random things about myself and then go and tag six more people.”

So… um… good heavens, this is difficult.

  1. I am a die hard, long time Kate Bush fan.
  2. I have visited three of the four corners of the continental United States (haven’t visited Maine… yet).
  3. My favorite foods are (in no particular order) pizza, popcorn, steak and potatoes, green salad, and nachos.
  4. My ‘minor’ at university was an Area of Studies in Classical History, which required me to take two years of latin.
  5. I like to build and repair computers for free but I don’t do it much any more.
  6. I read a lot – almost exclusively science fiction and fantasy – and collect hard cover first editions of the same

So, I’m tagging the following fine individuals:

Lisa, Molly, Seth, Dimples 🙂, Risha, Jeff.

Now, post!

p.s. I originally had Beth as one of my tags until I realized that she had already been tagged. The name change threw me off, Mary!


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