*nudge* *nudge*

June 26, 2006

Well, Bill reminded me that I haven’t posted in over a month. Sorry about that.

We went on a camping trip to Payson Lakes which was cold and then got snowed on. The missus didn’t much care for that and didn’t care for the boy getting all muddy and wet so we packed up a day early and went home. I found out later from some friends that stayed that it was rather… cold… that night.

Anyway, on top of that, we went on vacation, the boy and the missus went to Oregon for a weekend, a family reunion and relatives vacationing here from Texas… I haven’t posted much.

I’ve thought about you all though – I’ve got to figure out a way to post with the Pocket PC offline and upload them later that is easy and bulletproof. I have great ideas and comments while I’m out and about but when I get back to the PC I have too much to do to post. I’ve mastered Sudoku as much as the Pocket PC version can give me so I need something else to waste time with.


Oh, I also modded my XBox and put XBox Media Center on it. SWEET! Seriously, this turns the XBox from a games platform into an entertainment platform to play music, video, photos, games – whatever you want to do.

So, watch the slideshow above since I don’t know how long I’ll keep it up there and I’ll make an attempt to post on a more regular basis. Perhaps I’ll bore you with the drudgery that is my existence – especially as I enjoy reading so much about all of your lives (except for Bill who is still holding the high ground and won’t blog).



3 Responses to “*nudge* *nudge*”

  1. Bill can nudge you to write in a blog, but doesn’t blog himself? Interesting…

  2. Bill Thornton said

    Yes Mary, I’m quirky that way… Not really a computer guy. I fear taking the plunge. But Chris is my best friend in the world, so apparently I can nudge without reprisal. Besides, Isn’t this a great blog? Dontcha’ want to read more about Chris’ exploits? I personally am riveted. Seriously, they hate me at the airport. (Rim shot) Thanks folks, I’ll be here indefinetly.

  3. I have friends who do the same with my blog. Generally though, I excuse them because of advanced age.

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