Scott Adams – a very funny man

June 27, 2006

If you look at my books you would find a couple of shelves devoted to comic collections – not the comic books but anthologies of different comic strips like Foxtrot, Bloom County, Doonesbury and Dilbert. Dilbert far outnumbers the others; Foxtrot comes closest of the rest. I’ve got all of Scott Adams, Dilbert’s creator, books, a digital book and the audio book of one of the paper ones. I’ve got stuffed figurines that Scott Adams has signed and I’ve eaten at the restaurant that he owns part of in Pleasanton, California (Stacey’s Cafe).

I think Scott Adams is a very, very funny man.

With that introduction, here are two recent blog posts by Mr. Adams which had me laughing so hard I could barely read.

A Tail By Any Other Name

13 Inch Tail


P.S. These are a bit on the crude side – if you are easily offended you might want to get some counseling and not read these.


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