A Passion for Food

July 25, 2006

I like to eat. Anyone who knows me can tell that at a glance; svelte I am not. Many of my friends may not realize that I also love to cook. I’m not good at it, but I enjoy it. I have grand ideas and recipes to try out – just not the time.

In the meantime, I browse through a few recipe and food related websites; some are quite interesting, the boring ones I drop rather quickly.

Earlier today, I stumbled onto a website penned by maki; she calls her place i was just really hungry which while it may sound simple is a wonderful exploration of fine dining. Her description of a visit to L’Esparance a Vazelay in France is a detailed, fantastic description of what seems to be a delightful evening of gastronomic delight for her.

Now, I’m quite sure many of the dishes she and her dining partner were served were tasty and wonderful to them but, frankly, they were not my liking by description and past experience. Still, it was a delight to voyeuristicly watch over her shoulder as she explored the culinary creations.

Too late and too hot to cook, but perhaps a nice grilling is in the future; I’ve got a bit of inspiration going.


Bad Habits…

July 24, 2006

It is midnight.

I’m watching Futurama on Cartoon Network, eating nachos with the last of the chips and taco meat, browsing the web with the window air conditioner running and keeping the air a balmy 65 degrees.

All bad habits and I’m not giving one of them up. 

So there.  

“We all have to be proud of our children – it is the only thing that keeps us from killing them.” — Dr. Connor (Jemma Redgrave), “Shrink Rap”, My Family (BBC Comedy)

That’s just… wrong.

July 15, 2006

So, I’m walking into Home Depot earlier today on a quest to find a replacement air filter for my now non-functioning lawn mower (didn’t fix it). This was my second trip out searching for something and I wasn’t in the worst mood, but I wasn’t in the best mood either.

Walking in front of me is an adult female wearing a tank top and shorts made of some sort of silken material, colored a very light purple. Now, today the temperature hit 102-103 degrees Farenheit and at this point of the day it is probably about… 95 degrees. Still quite hot, sweating temperatures.

Now, the reason I’m describing this scene is because as I walked in, I noticed that this lady in front of me is sweating in the heat and, well, the center part of her shorts were soaked. It looked like she’d wet her pants! I couldn’t decide whether to pity this lady or laugh…

I laughed.

I am SO going to hell…

Something’s Burning

July 13, 2006

A small brush fire near my home (not very close; a couple of miles away) dumped a lot of smoke in the air and contributed to a lovely sunset:

Smoky Sunset

Unfortunately, my digital camera doesn’t do the sunset justice but you get the idea. Two minutes before I shot this photo the sun was up in the cloud and it would have turned out better, in my opinion, but oh well.

At one point on my drive home the smoke was thick enough to cross the road like fog… kind of a cool effect.

A bit more personal

July 3, 2006

Most of the posts lately have been a bit more wordy and on the personal side. I won’t guarantee that I’ll keep it up so if you don’t like it I may go back into dormancy.


Pearl Jam… rocks.

July 3, 2006

I’m watching Pearl Jam on VH1 Storytellers (and taping it for further enjoyment) and I’m just amazed. I’ve enjoyed listening to select songs by Pearl Jam over the years but just haven’t got into the group for some reason.

Watching them live is just amazing. They are witty, smart and they just rock – and they seems to really enjoy it. There is just something about watching someone who really enjoys what he does and is good at it. You catch the their enjoyment and get carried away.

I have a good friend that plays guitar that way. He plays because he loves it and he is amazingly good at it. He gave up the idea of playing music as a profession years ago but never gave up his love for it and it shows. I’ve sat with him while a group of us sat and chatted and he just played, providing a wonderful soundtrack to a pleasant evening.

Another friend loves bikes in a similar way. He’s great with cars and a wiz at drawing blood, but his love is bikes. He’s got a dozen or so, from nice mountain bike to a vintage bike that he just got at a garage sale. He knows everything about different types of bikes, the history, which type is better for which usage, etc.

The wonderful thing about these two great friends is watching them pass their love of their different passions on to their children. Their kids don’t all enjoy the same passion at the same level but they all seem to understand and a couple of them are tuning into what is great about their parent’s passion. I’m proud of these guys for the time they spend with their kids and the patience involved.

Me, I don’t have something I do like that. I have lots of little things that I do kind of well, but no one overriding passion … at least, none that I know of. I’m a generalist, not a specialist. I’m that way at work, in my personal life, in my hobbies. I have about a two year attention span; I’ll find a topic, subject, line of work that is interesting to me and I’m good for a couple of years but then I get bored and start to branch out and explore different topics/directions/etc.

I’m somewhat envious of my friends’ passionate commitments, but not enough to do the same. Call it a personality flaw.

The Nature of Love

July 3, 2006

So, all of Saturday and most of Sunday I spent sick, in bed, feeling miserable. At times I ran a decent temperature as well, which while I don’t enjoy being sick the fever-induced dreams are always fun. Kind of like a 3-D, full sensory movie that I get to direct.

… but I digress.

What I was going to put forward here is a thought that kind of bubbled up over the weekend and is still peeking in and out of the dark crevasses in my head. It has to do with love.

I’m not referring to the ‘love at first sight’ passionate type but more of the father for child, neighbor for neighbor, friend for friend type of love. I noticed that, from my experience, when you have love for your fellow human being you are willing to sacrifice and do things for that person that you probably wouldn’t do for a complete stranger.

Is the reverse true then? Does everyone create a feeling of love by doing things for people they don’t know very well? It is a common enough theme in the movies; bad kid has to do community service and comes to care for those he’s working to help. Is that true? Does it have to be voluntary or does it work with involuntary service?

I don’t know the answers here. I do know that I am closer to those I serve, but I serve voluntarily and it may just be that is my nature. I loved my son since the moment I saw him and it didn’t take time and service to get that way so obviously there are exceptions.

Anyway, that is something to think about. Time for bed.