Pearl Jam… rocks.

July 3, 2006

I’m watching Pearl Jam on VH1 Storytellers (and taping it for further enjoyment) and I’m just amazed. I’ve enjoyed listening to select songs by Pearl Jam over the years but just haven’t got into the group for some reason.

Watching them live is just amazing. They are witty, smart and they just rock – and they seems to really enjoy it. There is just something about watching someone who really enjoys what he does and is good at it. You catch the their enjoyment and get carried away.

I have a good friend that plays guitar that way. He plays because he loves it and he is amazingly good at it. He gave up the idea of playing music as a profession years ago but never gave up his love for it and it shows. I’ve sat with him while a group of us sat and chatted and he just played, providing a wonderful soundtrack to a pleasant evening.

Another friend loves bikes in a similar way. He’s great with cars and a wiz at drawing blood, but his love is bikes. He’s got a dozen or so, from nice mountain bike to a vintage bike that he just got at a garage sale. He knows everything about different types of bikes, the history, which type is better for which usage, etc.

The wonderful thing about these two great friends is watching them pass their love of their different passions on to their children. Their kids don’t all enjoy the same passion at the same level but they all seem to understand and a couple of them are tuning into what is great about their parent’s passion. I’m proud of these guys for the time they spend with their kids and the patience involved.

Me, I don’t have something I do like that. I have lots of little things that I do kind of well, but no one overriding passion … at least, none that I know of. I’m a generalist, not a specialist. I’m that way at work, in my personal life, in my hobbies. I have about a two year attention span; I’ll find a topic, subject, line of work that is interesting to me and I’m good for a couple of years but then I get bored and start to branch out and explore different topics/directions/etc.

I’m somewhat envious of my friends’ passionate commitments, but not enough to do the same. Call it a personality flaw.


One Response to “Pearl Jam… rocks.”

  1. Bill Thornton said

    Chris, perhaps you don’t see it from where you are sitting, so let me tell you. Your passion is humanity. Form the way you care for your immediate family, to friends, to the role you play in work , church, neighborhood, citizen, you are a humanitarian. Keep up your love for others and continue your quest for knowledge. You are what is commonly known as a reniassance man. Beats the crap out of being a bike guy. Trust me. -Bill

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