The Nature of Love

July 3, 2006

So, all of Saturday and most of Sunday I spent sick, in bed, feeling miserable. At times I ran a decent temperature as well, which while I don’t enjoy being sick the fever-induced dreams are always fun. Kind of like a 3-D, full sensory movie that I get to direct.

… but I digress.

What I was going to put forward here is a thought that kind of bubbled up over the weekend and is still peeking in and out of the dark crevasses in my head. It has to do with love.

I’m not referring to the ‘love at first sight’ passionate type but more of the father for child, neighbor for neighbor, friend for friend type of love. I noticed that, from my experience, when you have love for your fellow human being you are willing to sacrifice and do things for that person that you probably wouldn’t do for a complete stranger.

Is the reverse true then? Does everyone create a feeling of love by doing things for people they don’t know very well? It is a common enough theme in the movies; bad kid has to do community service and comes to care for those he’s working to help. Is that true? Does it have to be voluntary or does it work with involuntary service?

I don’t know the answers here. I do know that I am closer to those I serve, but I serve voluntarily and it may just be that is my nature. I loved my son since the moment I saw him and it didn’t take time and service to get that way so obviously there are exceptions.

Anyway, that is something to think about. Time for bed.


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