That’s just… wrong.

July 15, 2006

So, I’m walking into Home Depot earlier today on a quest to find a replacement air filter for my now non-functioning lawn mower (didn’t fix it). This was my second trip out searching for something and I wasn’t in the worst mood, but I wasn’t in the best mood either.

Walking in front of me is an adult female wearing a tank top and shorts made of some sort of silken material, colored a very light purple. Now, today the temperature hit 102-103 degrees Farenheit and at this point of the day it is probably about… 95 degrees. Still quite hot, sweating temperatures.

Now, the reason I’m describing this scene is because as I walked in, I noticed that this lady in front of me is sweating in the heat and, well, the center part of her shorts were soaked. It looked like she’d wet her pants! I couldn’t decide whether to pity this lady or laugh…

I laughed.

I am SO going to hell…


2 Responses to “That’s just… wrong.”

  1. Risha said

    Laughter is totally the correct response in that situation (though I’d probably make sure I wasn’t looking in their direction first).

  2. Glad you think so – the general consensus so far is that yelling out “Hey! You’re leaking!” would NOT have been the correct response.

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