A Win-Win Situation

September 7, 2006

Scott Adams has lately been on a roll with solving the world’s problems.  Today’s problem?  The US versus Iran.  Neither side can back down without appearing weak so  instead he suggests each side get something “different but of equal value”:

Suppose we agree to make George Bush and Dick Cheney wear school girl outfits and dance a jig for the mullahs while singing the “I’m Sorry” song. Afterwards, their testicles would be surgically removed and displayed in an Iranian museum. In return, the Iranians would allow U.N. inspectors to check on their nukes, they’d stop supporting Hezbollah and they’d leave Iraq to the Iraqis. You can’t tell me the Iranians would reject that deal. I realize that this would be a big sacrifice for our President and Vice President, but I’ve heard them say that sacrifice is necessary to achieve security. Why do our soldiers have to do all the sacrificing?

Oh man, talk about your win-win situation.  It’s not like they are needing them to propagate the species and perhaps the decrease in testosterone might mellow them out a bit…


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