Minor Annoyances, part unknown

September 18, 2006

Most days, minor annoyances are just that, minor, and fade after a moment’s frustration.  For some reason, today’s annoyance has stuck, because, well, read first and then we’ll discuss.

The restroom at work has the toilet paper roll that sticks – it doesn’t turn a full turn.  I’m used to that.  Pull on it and it will tear off at about the point it needs to.

Today, however, someone has fixed that and it spins freely, almost as if someone has applied graphite to get that extra bit of spinnage. So, I give it my usual tug and now there is a quarter of a roll of toilet paper on the floor.  Do I roll it back up, contaminating someone else with the stuff off of the floor?  (I threw it away.)

The thing is, that is the way it is supposed to work, I’d just gotten used to the wrong way for so long that it was more comfortable than the right way. Now, I’m seeing bunches of stuff that I’m too used to the wrong way and I want to fix them – just don’t have that much time in the day!

I did, with the help of Jeff in IT get my Pocket PC to sync with work’s Exchange Server (add a Root Certificate to 2003 Pocket PC, Synchronize a Pocket PC with Exchange 2003) so one down, a bajillion to go!


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