Not Talking Like a Pirate

September 18, 2006

I’ve got to admit that ‘Talk Like A Pirate Day’ was fun… the first two times. A little dry the next couple of times and now I just dread it. I think it started in a big way in 2002 and it was fun, especially as my boy is into pirates in a big way.

So, I’ll still probably do something silly tomorrow, but I won’t mean it. Definitely need a new meme…

Update: I just noticed that Mary is advocating the swashbuckling vocabulary tomorrow, so please ignore my gloominess above.



2 Responses to “Not Talking Like a Pirate”

  1. Well, and we also be havin’ the pirate issue of Shimmer as a reason, so don’t be keel-haulin’ yerself. If ye ain’t feelin’ th’ piratting mood, then ye ain’t. Arrr.

  2. Billy Bligh said

    Ahoy, ye scurvy dog, do me eyes decieve me? What power of heaven or earth compels ye to turn ye back on the one holiday that celebrates wenches, blood spillin’ and general sharp doin’s? Have ye been ashore too long, mate? Embrace the stench of yer pirate ways, before ye are lost forever in the land o’ boredom. How can ye hope to catch the eye of a buxom lass without the cursed growl of yer upbringin’? I’ve a mind to set ye adrift. Reply if ye dare, scurvy dog…

    Cap’n Bad Billy Bligh

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