Ancient Languages: What does “Potestatem atri lateris non cognoscis” mean?

“Potestatem atri lateris non cognoscis” translates as “You (singular) don’t know the power of the dark side” – very cool.

I’ll have to use this with my son for confusion factor – although maybe I’ll teach it to him so he can confuse others…

Now I have to figure out the other quotes, like “The Force is strong in this one”…



Vacation: Beach Reading Suggestions?

Lisa is looking for suggestions of what to read when she has a week at the beach with the family.  I’ve commented on my choices of the moment; care to add yours?


Something new…

August 24, 2004

So, for the first time in a long while someone leaves a comment.  I was, a bit shocked; I was rather enjoying writing for an audience of one (not really).  So Nathan leaves a comment about a product his company makes, SauceReader.  Well, I visit the webpage and notice on the product page an endorsing quote from Robert Scoble.

Here is the fun bit – I just introduced myself to Robert Scoble via IM a few minutes earlier.  Didn’t chat much, just said ‘hi’ basically.  Still, I’ve been reading his weblog for a week or so and although I don’t always match his point of view, I do respect his opinion.

Anyway, I’ve been using SharpReader, which is also built over the .NET framework, but my biggest complaint with SharpReader is that I have to open the page in my web browser to add a link to my blog.  Not a big complaint but it was there.

So, I installed SauceReader.  Nice install, walks a newbie through introductions to weblogs and such.  Slick.

I then fired up the ‘Weblog This’ button.  Noticed that it was telling me that I didn’t have a weblog setup.  Clicked on the message and Voila!  opens up the setup dialog.  Select WordPress, add my site’s information and save it.

I’m typing this in as the test post, but I’m telling you, this is slick.  Very nice.  It is intuitive, nice to look at, and very full featured.

If this post works, I think I have a new tool to use.  Thanks Nathan!

EDIT:  Even better, SauceReader imported my SharpReader OPML with no problems… and kept the folder structure!  The only thing I can see that SharpReader does better is that it is faster at getting the data from the different RSS feeds – But SauceReader is still faster than I can read, so it is fine.

EDIT: Well, the love affair with SauceReader is over; check out here for the whole scoop.

TheForce.Net – News

TheForce.Net is reporting a rumor that the principal players in any potential sequels to Episode 6 – Return of the Jedi have signed Non Disclosure Agreements saying they won’t talk about the movies. As the article says, why sign NDAs if there is nothing to disclose? George Lucas has been emphatically stating that he won’t make the movies but that doesn’t rule out letting someone else make them, does it? Perhaps he has changed his mind. Either way, I hope they do get made; my son isn’t going to last with just the six movies and the Clone Wars cartoons….

Middle-Earth Online

August 23, 2004

Turbine Entertainment Software :: Middle-Earth Online

Okay, this is one world I might just have to participate in. If it is in any way realistic then this would be a great way to waste a few months worth of free time… provided, of course, that I ever get any free time!

RandomURL – The Anti-Search Engine – Tips for Travelling in the South

Well, the list at the end of the above link is a bit, well, hostile. I’m not saying that Southerners don’t think like that, but I do know that most don’t ACT like that. They do well in the insulting -you-while-being-polite department.

Funny though.

Well, I’m not, I tell you! I’m still trying things out and testing stuff. There is no way you can get me to go to sleep..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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A final test before bed…

August 22, 2004

Well, I’ve tried a couple of different client side tools for editing and posting to weblogs. Limited success with both, but hey, what do you expect?

Zempt 0.3 – doesn’t publish the entry to the weblog although it is in the database. User must change the entry to draft and then publish it or edit it in Zempt for it to show up. Not good.

w.bloggar 3.0.3 – publishes fine with no problems but won’t allow the user to edit an entry – it causes WordPress to throw an error. Otherwise, it looks great! At least I can publish…

at least that worked.

August 22, 2004

At least editing the published post worked with this tool.

EDIT: I wonder if editing the post causes it to publish correctly.

EDIT: It does.

EDIT: But do multiple categories work? Nope.

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Trying a different tool…

August 22, 2004

Here is a post from a different tool, Zempt 0.3. It seems to be designed to work with MovableType but it was rather easy to set it up to work with WordPress instead.

At least, I think it was. I’m about to post for the first time and see if it worked.

EDIT: It posted successfully, but it didn’t publish the entry. I had to change it to draft and then change it back. Annoying. Time to debug…

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