I’m back – and I did it.

November 29, 2004

Just a short note to say, hurrah for me, I wrote 50,000 words in one month! I was participating in National Novel Writing Month for the month of November. It was fun, but a bit grueling. I had no story at the outset and it took a while to get going. Then, towards the end, I was writing about anything and everything just to hit the word count and deadline…

So, now December is the month to begin editing this craptacular novel and see if I can turn it into a short story.

Ciao for now! The boy needs supervision…


An Essay: Computers as Authors? Literary Luddites Unite!

“For some people, writing a novel is a satisfying exercise in self-expression. For me, it’s a hideous blend of psychoanalysis and cannibalism that is barely potent enough to overcome a series of towering avoidance mechanisms – including my on computer.”

The latter describes participating in National Novel Writing Month contest. Still, it has been fun, in a masochistic sort of way.

It is midnight, November 1st, 2004 – the National Novel Writing Month contest begins! As I will be writing feverishly for the month of November, I don’t think I’ll be posting much. I definitely won’t be reading my RSS aggregator so you won’t see new interesting stuff from the webspace from me.

I might post updates to the novel or even excerpts if I like what I come up with. Dunno yet.

Wish me luck!